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Privacy Policy:
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Terms of Service:
PumpkinCottageConjure.com and Oseaana.com are owned and operated by The Moonlit Sea, LLC.

All services and products are for people 18 years or over!

All transactions will be processed and show up on your statement as The Moonlit Sea.

All products and services are sold as curios only. Please do your own research regarding medical/health, mental health and legal issues. Practice safety and use your own free will. Oseaana has had countless successes with her spellwork, however customers and clients must know that the final result is left up to The Creator.

Services and products are provided to those over 18 years of age and are protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (H.R. 2431).

By using these services and/or purchasing these products you agree to not hold The Moonlit Sea, LLC its proprietors, owner, or anyone associated liable for result or lack thereof from our services and products. Further you agree not to hold the business/company, proprietor, websites, owner, or anyone associated liable for any financial amount, including monies paid for any and all services and products.

By using these services and/or purchasing these products you agree that you are not entitled to a refund or financial restitution. These supplies and services are for entertainment purposes only by law.

By using these services and/or purchasing these products you agree not to threaten, stalk, or in any way harass the owner, other clients/customers, and anyone associated with the owner of this site.

Payments and Refunds:
All transactions will be processed and show up on your statement as The Moonlit Sea. Due to the nature of the items offered here, we can not accept returns. Please make sure you are certain before ordering. If you have questions please contact Oseaana before making your purchase.

There will be no refunds for spellwork, conjure/hoodoo work, altar work, classes/workshops, etc. once they are paid for unless otherwise noted.

Also there are no refunds for services such as spiritual consultations if you are late or miss an appointment. If Oseaana has to cancel an appointment your payment will be refunded to you via the method you paid.

There are no refunds for digital products.

All services, phone calls, readings, classes and workshops, etc. are scheduled in the Central Time Zone. Oseaana is not responsible for converting time for your particular time zone. Please use World Time Buddy  if you need to convert times and plan accordingly.

Class/Workshop Policies:
In order to attend a class or workshop:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older unless otherwise stated.

  • Unless other arrangements have been made, class/workshop fees are due in advance to hold your spot.

  • There will be no refunds if you change your mind and/or can not make the class/workshop.

  • If the a live class is canceled you will be issued a refund via the same method you made your payment.

  • You agree not to share, copy or otherwise distribute any class/workshop materials.

  • Because of the nature of online classes and each user has different technical setups, we are not responsible for computer/technical difficulties.

  • All live classes/workshops are scheduled in Central Time Zone. We are not responsible for converting time for
    your particular time zone. Please use World Time Buddy if you need to convert times and plan accordingly.

  • Some classes may have a minimum enrollment requirement. If the minimum enrollment is not met the class may be canceled or rescheduled. Students will be notified via email and refunds will be made via the payment method.

Classes and Workshops are non-refundable if you miss the class, don’t show up, or change your mind. Classes/Workshops offered involve a lot of time and energy to prepare, your payment in advance holds your space. Please check your calendar and be sure you can make the date(s) before registering for a live class/workshop.

Mentorship Program Policies:
These classes are one-on-one and personalized and it is best to have them scheduled in advance (the same day and time each week). Of course things come up in life and if there is a need to reschedule a particular date and time that will be arranged between you and Oseaana.

To receive the Certificate of Completion for Level I training you must purchase the class kits and complete all homework within a reasonable time. You will need to have the ability to take photos of your homework and send via email.

Payment plans are through PayPal Subscription service and are automatically deducted from your PayPal account monthly.

Spellwork/Energy Work/Magickal Services:
These services are offered on a case by case basis only after proper divination and consultation is provided and are not guaranteed. No outcome is ever certain. There are no refunds once arrangements have been made. No photos or updates on services will be provided unless otherwise pre-arranged by Oseaana.

Spiritual Consultations/Readings Policies:
Please use the appointment setting page phone or in-person appointments with Oseaana. Payment is required in advance.

You will receive a personal email confirmation to the email address that is associated with your form of payment. For phone appointments, you will be given you a phone number to call, please call at your scheduled time. If you are more than 5 minutes late for a 30 minute reading/consultation and more than 10 minutes late for a 60 minute reading/consultation you may have to reschedule. Oseaana will email you if you miss an appointment with an attempt to reschedule once. This is a strict rule that we must adhere to in an effort to keep on schedule and provide the best possible service to all clients.

For in-person appointments at local locations please arrive on time for your appointment. Oseaana will wait 5 minutes after your scheduled time. If you are a no show or are late you may re-book your appointment once. If you are a no-show or late for your rebooking or have a history of no-show/late then we may require a non-refundable deposit on top of the regular fee.

There are no refunds, partial refunds or exchanges for missed or late appointments.

Payments for services are in advance. Payment must be made within 3 hours after booking your appointment or you risk losing your appointment time.

VERY IMPORTANT Rules and information about services and products:

  • You agree that you have read the disclaimers, terms of service and other legal notices before purchasing services and/or products.

  • You agree not to harass, threaten, or cause intentional harm to the business/company, owner and those associated with.

  • Services offered here benefit from honesty. Please provide correct information.

  • I work all hours of the day and evening. The best way to contact me is via email as I am usually engaged with client or business work.

  • Please provide me with as much brief information as you can regarding your situation (names, dates of birth, problem/concern).

  • I do not engage in “test the psychic” games. I am not a mind reader, I read tarot cards, crystals, shells, bones, etc. I will not spend our time answering your questions about trivial and irrelevant things. I also do not check other readers or spiritual workers reading or work for accuracy.

  • My readings/spiritual consultations are best used for current problems or situations. If you want to get a general reading you may want to seek another reader.

  • I will not be at your beck and call. I am attentive to clients and customers but you must understand I have other work that needs my attention as well. Please be respectful of my time and energy.

  • The success of spellwork relies on 3 things: Intent (of the worker and the client), Ingredients and Spirit. This means that any kind of directions I give you need to be followed. If you want to a “get a job” spell but refuse to search the help wanted ads and send out resumes, more than likely the spell you paid for is not going to work. If you are looking for peace in your home/family but continue to cause chaos and arguments then the spell you paid for is not going to work. Please take all aspects of the spellwork seriously. This includes me asking you to allow the spell to do its job and not checking-up on it or second guessing/questioning the work.

  • I understand you are emotionally invested in your situation and want to talk it out and get confirmation with a spiritual professional, however I am NOT a therapist/counselor/psychologist. Please do not think of your sessions or work with me as therapy sessions. If you are feeling overwhelmed emotionally or mentally and even suggest things like “I can’t live without him.” or “I’ll kill myself if he doesn’t call me.” you will be directed to get professional psychiatric help and all contact with me will cease. Please do not be offended by this. This is my way of assisting you the best I can and directing you to someone who can better help you in your current situation. Please visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website for more information or call 1-800-273-8255 for professional help.

  • I am not your doctor, lawyer, therapist, security guard, etc. Please do not lay all your problems on me and expect them to be fixed magickally. I will request we work on one concern at a time and will tell you which concern that will be.

  • I will not tolerate multiple emails and phone calls. If you are a current client with an open case I will update you as needed via email or phone. If there is something you need to know during the process I will let you know. Please do not email me daily or multiple times in a day to check-in on how things are going or to ask a bunch of questions.

  • All services, phone calls, readings, classes and workshops, etc. are scheduled in Central Time Zone. I am not responsible for converting time for your particular time zone.

  • Classes that are for women only are for women only, period. This is not up for debate.

  • I reserve the right to refuse service or cut off service to anyone for any reason at anytime. There are no refunds if you break any of these rules.