Skull Candle Class


Skull Candle Class


Learn to influence people and situations using skulls.

With the right intention, tools, and ingredients you can use a skull candle for magickal work to get into someone's head. This is useful to bring influence to a person or situation that you desire to control or manipulate.

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How can skull candles be useful:

  • to get someone to think of you

  • to change someone's mind

  • to influence a situation

  • to clear someone's head/mind

  • to make memory better when studying

  • to put a specific thought into someone's head

Skull candles aren't just used on other people. You can use them on yourself too.

Trying to break a bad habit? Influence your behavior with a skull candle!

Want to create a better routine in your life? Put those thoughts into your mind using a skull candle!

In this hour-long class, I will give an overview of how skull candles work, give tips and techniques that work, and do a demo on how to properly prepare a skull candle for magickal use.

Note: This was a previous live webinar style class that has been re-packaged to a recorded on-demand class for your convenience.

Because of file size, once you purchase this class you will receive a PDF file with instructions on how to download the actual class file(s). Please be aware that the link for the class file(s) change/expire frequently so access and download the files ASAP. Please check your email to make sure you receive the PDF file within 2 hours. If you have not received the download information, please contact Oseaana. We are not responsible for lost emails or lost files.