Sacred Art of Kyphi - How to Make Pellet Incense


Sacred Art of Kyphi - How to Make Pellet Incense


Kyphi (or Kap-t as it is more accurately called) is an ancient Kemetic temple incense used in sacred rites, healing ceremonies, and for cleansing. It is a multi-day process creating this compound incense in the ancient way.

In this class I share with you a sacred ancient recipe to create a powerful incense. The ingredients include myrrh, copal, juniper, raisins, red wine, and lavender. It's a highly fragrant recipe that is perfect for any sacred rite.

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This class includes a detailed 30 minute instruction video showing you the creation process and how the incense is used. You will also receive a PDF with all the information and supply list.

Here is a link to a supplier that offers the official herb/resin kits for this class. The kit you will receive from Big Liz Conjure will be the exact ingredients in the exact measurements you need for this class: If you have any questions about the kit, please direct them to Big Liz Conjure.

In addition to the supply kit you will need honey, red wine, lotus flower oil, and raisins/dates/figs for the wet ingredients. You will also need supplies like an air-tight glass jar (like a mason jar), a mortar and pestle (or an herb grinder if that is all you have), stirring spoons, measuring cups/spoons, towels for cleanup, etc. There is also a small amount of cooking involved so you will need access to a stove and pan (yassss this is an amazing process!).

The best time to start creating kyphi is during the dark moon, however you can begin this class at any time!

There is an area within the class to ask questions and get feedback from me.

I hope you enjoy this class!

Note: This was a previous live webinar style class that has been re-packaged to a recorded on-demand class for your convenience.

Because of file size, once you purchase this class you will receive a PDF file with instructions on how to download the actual class file(s). Please be aware that the link for the class file(s) change/expire frequently so access and download the files ASAP. Please check your email to make sure you receive the PDF file within 2 hours. If you have not received the download information, please contact Oseaana. We are not responsible for lost emails or lost files.