Custom Spells - Personalized for Your Needs


Custom Spells - Personalized for Your Needs


Do You Need Help With Your Spells?

I will create a customized spell for your personal intention for you to perform!

  • Get a complete list of ingredients and supplies
  • Receive detailed instructions from start to finish

Let me know what your intention, purpose, or desired outcome is and I will create a custom spell for you to do complete with ingredients, supplies, and instructions. 

Simple Made-For-You Spells

Simple spells are powerful spells! More is less! I include ingredients and supplies easily found at your local metaphysical shop, grocery store, or online. I will even supply recommendations if you run into trouble finding a certain supply.

My spells are complete yet easy to perform, even for a beginner.

Spells don't have to be complicated. The first ingredient in spellwork is intention and focus. I will also give you tips on how to make sure your focus and intention are clear so that you receive the best benefit out of the spell you perform.

For each personal intention, I do divination to create the perfect custom spell for you. Through divination, I get the list of ingredients, supplies, and details on how to perform the spell.

I then deliver all this information to you in a PDF file that you can print and follow while performing your spell.

Who Is This Service For?

This service is for anyone who needs help with a spell. There are tons of spells online and in books but they may not work for you because they aren't custom for your needs. That is key! 

I will create a spell custom for your needs and you will also learn how to properly perform a spell for the future!

What I Need From You

I will need a brief concise description of your purpose or intention for your spell. I will also need to know your birthdate for divination purposes.

You will receive your complete custom spell within 2 weeks of receiving all the information I need.

Please note: because of the nature of spells, there is no guarantee of outcome. Also, there are no refunds.

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