Cosmic Witchery Vol. I


Cosmic Witchery Vol. I


When you are able to make the connection between Earth Magick and Cosmic Magick you have infinite knowledge and power!

There is a magick outside of Earth Magick that can be utilized to create change on a grander scale. The glory of the Cosmic Realm is knowing your true self and how to align (or reconnect) with Source.

Cosmic Magick, or as I like to call it Cosmic Witchery, is the art and science of manifesting using the dark energy of the cosmos, Source energy, and self-realization.

I recommend getting a Starseed Reading from me for this course. You will need to know your main Starseed lineage for Part 2.

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This is a 4 part course which includes video presentations and PDF modules.

About the Course
Cosmic Witchery - Part 1 - Cosmic Map

This introductory class is your first steps into the realm of the Cosmos. The first step of your journey through the Cosmos is preparation – creating your cosmic map. In this 3 part video class you will also receive 3 downloadable PDF modules that offer 3 rituals/ceremonies that will connect you to the cosmic data needed to create your personal cosmic map (you can’t travel without knowing where you are going!).

Throughout the 3 class series you will perform personal ceremonies to connect with the cosmic realm and also create a personal cosmic key which acts as a portal for traveling through the Veil to other realms including other dimensions, universes, and galaxies. Having a personal cosmic portal is useful for all sorts of interaction with the Cosmic Realm including astral travel, lucid dreaming, communication with your star families, accessing the “Akashic Records”, and more!

Cosmic Witchery - Part 2 - Starseeds & Interdimensionals

In Cosmic Witchery Part 1 we created a personalized cosmic key to access the Cosmic Realm and open up to the wisdom and information found there. In this class we will explore the history of the Cosmic Realm and what beings and energies you might meet there.

In Part 2 we will delve into alien races, interdimensional beings and travel, and galactic history. We will also work more with our personalized cosmic key to prepare us for Part 3 of the Cosmic Witchery Course where we will create our individual astral temples.

To get the most from this class you will need a Starseed Reading from me. If you haven’t gotten a Starseed Reading from me, you can find out how to purchase one inside the classroom.

Cosmic Witchery - Part 3 - The Astral Temple

In Cosmic Witchery Part 2 we talked about Galactic History and learned about different Starseed races.

In this class we will go into Galactic History Part 2 and learn more about how our solar system was colonized. We also start the process of creating our Astral Temple.

Cosmic Witchery - Part 4 - Cosmic Energy & Magick

In Cosmic Witchery Part 3 learned how our solar system was colonized and created our personal Astral Temple.

In this class we will go more into AJA and learn how to use dark energy to access data and information from the cosmic records (Akashic Records). I share with you symbols to help you download transmissions from the cosmos.

Note: This was a previous live webinar style class that has been re-packaged to a recorded on-demand class for your convenience.

Because of file size, once you purchase this class you will receive a PDF file with instructions on how to download the actual class file(s). Please be aware that the link for the class file(s) change/expire frequently so access and download the files ASAP. Please check your email to make sure you receive the PDF file within 2 hours. If you have not received the download information, please contact Oseaana. We are not responsible for lost emails or lost files.