The Cosmic Priestess


The Cosmic Priestess


My path as a Cosmic Priestess. Questions answered.

What is a Cosmic Priestess?
How is a Cosmic Priestess different than any other Priestess?
What energy, Spirits, Deities does a Cosmic Priestess work with...if any?
Isn't this just Astrology?

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In this class I will talk about my experience and journey as a Xen'ela, Cosmic Priestess, what it is, what is means, and how it differs from other Priestess paths. This class was created around the many questions I have been asked about this path. I go back to my first encounter with the LaSyah as as teen and how that relationship has evolved to my Priestessing today.

As Xen'ela it is part of my path to bring forth this information for those who are seeking it and resonate with it. You know who you are and this class is for you.

Note: This was a previous live webinar style class that has been re-packaged to a recorded on-demand class for your convenience.

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