Candle & Wax Reading Class


Candle & Wax Reading Class


Learn to read signs in your candle magick, plus learn a new
divination technique using melted candle wax and water!

When using candles in spells and magick there is a lot of insight you can get from the way the candles themselves burn. Often you can tell how well a spell is going if there are outside influences blocking your intentions, and get messages from the Spirit World from the way the wax melts and by reading the flame.

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Have you ever wondered what it means when your candle...

  • sparks and crackles

  • burns slow

  • burns lopsided

  • has a large or small flame

  • wax puddles and makes shapes

In this 80 minute class, I will show you how to recognize signs and symbols when burning candles for magick. You will learn how to get messages from how your candles burn so you can better master your spellwork and outcome! 

I will also do a video demonstration showing you a divination technique using melted candle wax and water!

Note: This was a previous live webinar style class that has been re-packaged to a recorded on-demand class for your convenience.

Because of file size, once you purchase this class you will receive a PDF file with instructions on how to download the actual class file(s). Please be aware that the link for the class file(s) change/expire frequently so access and download the files ASAP. Please check your email to make sure you receive the PDF file within 2 hours. If you have not received the download information, please contact Oseaana. We are not responsible for lost emails or lost files.