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I am Oseaana and I am here to be of service to those who need help in the spiritual and magickal realms. I am a spiritual guide and advisor, ceremonalist, rootworker, oracle, artist, and energy worker.

If you have been to my site before you will notice some changes. My Spirits have led me to change the offerings I provide my clients and customers. Many things are the same however some things have been transformed in a way that will make your journey with me even more fulfilling.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

You will find the services I offer (tarot readings, oracle and channeling sessions, celestial/starseed alignments, ceremonies and conjure/altar work) here.

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure Products can be found here.

Classes and Spiritual & Magickal Coaching are here.

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Thank you and Abundant Blessings!

Bone Throwing Class

Talking Spirit Podcast
A podcast about all things magickak, spiritual, paranormal, and supernatural!
Hosted by Oseaana & Luna

Talking Spirit Podcast Hosted by Oseaana & Luna

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